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Hey Brussels!
We miss you and we miss culture – the real-life, face-to-face offline culture.
In ordinary times, kidsgazette would have been out by now and all over the streets, shops and libraries. You would have found her everywhere – with illustrations, games, people and the exceptional cultural calendar that was being prepared for spring/summer. Well, even if now everything has to be reinvented, kidsgazette continues to celebrate cultural Brussels, artists and Brussels solidarity.
Every week, we relay on our Facebook and Instagram pages the little seeds that bloom here and there. While waiting for the Brussels agenda to start up again, we come to you virtually and imagine other possibilities.
Love & inspiration
The team at kidsgazette


What if we went on an imaginary trip through Brussels? Those stone animals are bored - always in the same place in their Brussels cityscape, they’re just waiting for you to let them fly away, too, to horizons new.

To participate:
1. Choose your companion among these 11 suggestions by clicking here. Indicate the number of the chosen photo;
2. Place yourself in the scene to escape from home with this animal and send us the corresponding photo;
3. Write us your message of hope for the elderly. You can be inspired by a song, a film or your imagination. We will write it on the picture with your first name.

Our magician Dominique will transform the image with a wave of her wand. You will get an EXTRAORDINARY picture of you, as a souvenir of this strange period we’re now in. We will send you the photo to print at home (postcard size) so that you can send it to a nursing home or to your grandparents. The most original images will be displayed in our next magazine, in our virtual gallery and on social networks. Smaller kids can participate with one of their parents. You have until June 10, 2020. HOP, GO! Send your "animal" photo number, your photo, your message and your first name to


What if we reinvent kidsgazette for the times that we’re in? We dream of a solidarity publication to come through our letter boxes. Imagine, on the one hand a "children's" section with games, artistic and cultural dossiers inspired by what Brussels has to offer. And on the other hand a "parents" section with walks in parks, gardens, unusual places in the city, and also portraits of Brussels people - parents-artists who get involved, who get active and who share their good ideas. What if Kidsgazette changed shape to renew itself and, come the autumn, returns to its seasonal agenda ?

We would like to continue to inspire you by celebrating Brussels solidarity and creativity. To do this, we want launch a "co-oparents" subscription formula for the next two issues in order to be able to preserve kidsgazette and maintain access to culture for young audiences.

Tell us here in just a few clicks. Your answers mean a lot to us!

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