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Hey Brussels people, who wants to come and party with us on 17th November, from 14:00 ? To celebrate Children’s Arts Day, the kidsgazette gang is meeting at the House of European History. Visit the temporary exhibition and get inspired by the « Restless Youth » who changed the world in the 20th century. Then join us in the Room Fables, for a Disko Foto 70s and 80s. Were your (grand-)parents « Peace and Love » hippies or « No future » Punks ? Lots of activities from 10:30 to 18:00 throughout the building. Free entry. More info, here.  

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BARAK Belgique
The new performing arts festival for young audiences is moving to BRONKS and La montagne magique. A unique event showcasing all kinds of artistic forms : dance, theatre, installations… 8.11 & 11.11. More info, here.

Europalia Roumania
The Sesame Library in Schaerbeek is putting on an event around the fairytales of Romania. Free entry on 23.11. More info, here. Discover the incredible offers from Brussels libraries in kidsgazette.

A screening followed by a discussion. The kids are then given a workshop to do at home : a thaumatrope (an optical toy from the pre-cinema era). From 3 to 6 years, in the Tricoterie on 24 November (16:00). More info, here.

Dimanche à la maison
Shared and creative meetings, shows, exhibitions, and workshops. All the family loves these precious moments in this beautiful place. Maison de la création. Free entry 24.11 (14:00-18:00). Long live Liberty ! More info, here.
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Bah Voyons asbl & kidsgazette invite you…
To the CinéSoupe screening on 24 November, organised by Tricoterie. More info, here.
To participate in this competition, send an email before Wednesday 20/11 (12.00), to

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